Club Profile: FishHawk Triathlon Club


FishHawk Tri Club

Founded – 2011

Number of members – 70

Annual Dues:  Dues range $20 for student/long distance, $30 individual, $40 family

Description – Our members train, race and socialize together at the many triathlons in the Tampa Bay area. Membership brings access to swim clinics, group rides, and open water swims.. We bring our tent out and tailgate at 2-3 races a year and have a year end holiday party. Dues paying members receive a dri-fit club shirt, and access to purchase their own club kit


Fishhawk Tri Pic

Location – FishHawk, Brandon, Riverview, Valrico – Florida

Contact – email:

Website – FishHawk Tri Club

Want to have YOUR triathlon club profiled?
The USAT Florida Region website and facebook page will also be profiling individual clubs in the Florida Region throughout 2017. Please send an email to with the following information about your club: Club Name, Year Founded, Number of Members, Annual Dues, Club Logo, Brief description of membership benefits, Club location, Club contact, Club website link and one group Club Picture.


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Make it “Official”

USAT Official cartoon

Have you ever thought about becoming a USAT Competitive Rules official? Officiating at triathlons is a fantastic way to stay involved in the sport. And now is your chance: the Florida Region is looking for USA Triathlon members that would like to become certified officials.

imagesWhat does it take? To become a USA Triathlon official, you must be a member of USA Triathlon prior to coming to the clinic, pass a background check, take the USOC SafeSport webinar, be in good physical condition, weigh less than 200 pounds and be capable of riding for hours at a time as a passenger on a motorcycle.

You also need to attend a 4-hour certification clinic held in conjunction with a USA Triathlon sanctioned triathlon or duathlon. During the clinic you will become familiar with the philosophies and mission of the USA Triathlon officials’ program and the competitive rules. The next day, following the certification clinic, you actually work at the event as an official under the supervision of the head referee.

For additional information on the USA Triathlon officials’ program, click HERE

If you are interested in attending a certification clinic and becoming a USA Triathlon certified official, please email Tom Reilly at

Following are the remaining certification/recertification clinics that are currently scheduled for 2017:

August 4 – 5

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Triathlon Series – Olympic & Sprint # 3 Officials Certification and Recertification Clinic

1 P.M. – 5 P.M. Friday August 4

September 23 — 24

Miami, Florida

Escape to Miami Triathlon Officials Certification and Recertification Clinic

1 P.M. – 5 P.M. Saturday August 18

October 6 – 7

Pensacola Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Island Triathlon Officials Certification and Recertification Clinic

1 P.M. – 5 P.M. Friday October 6

November 11 — 12

Miami, Florida

Miami Man Half Iron & International Triathlon Officials Certification and Recertification Clinic

1 P.M. – 5 P.M. Saturday November 11

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Roll Call: USAT Florida Region Club Championship at the 26th Annual Huntington’s Disease Triathlon, July 30, 2017

Greetings from the USAT Florida Region Council

Only 4 weeks till race day!

We are hoping to make this the biggest and best Club Championship Race in the history of the Florida Region, a tall order considering that 240 athletes representing 19 USAT Florida Region Clubs participated in the 2016 race.


Time to rally your Club Athletes to register HERE.

A few changes and reminders to remember:

We have automated the results and scoring, which we tested successfully in the March 2017 Club Championship Race in Clermont, FL.

This means that we will award trophies during the Awards Ceremony immediately following the race to the three Clubs winning each of the divisions, tentatively, < 10 athletes, 11 to 20 athletes, and >20 athletes, so please plan to have your teams hang around after the race.

To facilitate the scoring automation, we must cut off rosters at least several days before the race, so unlike in 2016, there will be no late roster additions or adjustments.  Please email me as we get closer to race day if you would like to confirm your athlete roster.

Additionally, in order for athletes to score Club points, your athlete must answer yes to the Tri Club question and select your Club from the drop down menu, your Club must have a current Florida Region USAT Club registration, the athlete must finish the race, and the athlete must be a USAT Annual Member.

Our goal is to maximize athlete participation. Athletes will score points for relays, sprint and international distance triathlon, the sprint and international distance aqua bike, and all special divisions such as Athena and Clydesdale.

For those athletes already signed up with one day USAT Passes, we will send them a link enabling them to upgrade to a USAT Annual Membership, while applying the credit for monies paid their one day pass.

For complete rules and scoring details for the Club Championship Race, please refer to our USAT Florida Region website at

Feel free to share this link to sign up with your Club Athletes at

As always, I am available for questions via email or telephone call (305-394-7555).



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Club Profile: South Florida Triathletes (Team Hammerheads)


Founded – 1996

Number of members – 300

Annual Dues:  $45.00 for Individual, $65 for Family and $25 for Students and Seniors

Description – Team Hammerheads coordinates weekly group swim, bike and run group training opportunities for triathletes of all levels of experience, monthly educational and social meetings, educational clinics with area coaches throughout the year, discounts at local stores and races in town and throughout Florida, a fantastic end of year party with a huge raffle and a built in cheering squad of fellow Hammerheads at local races.


Location – Miami, Florida

Contact – Amy Stone – email:

Website –

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Club Profile: Stingrayz Youth Triathlon Club


Founded – 2012

Number of members – 25

Annual Dues:  $960

Monthly Dues:  $80

Description – This is an annual club that trains 2 times a week and every other weekend for an average of 1.5 hours/session.  They are trained in all 3 disciplines (swim, bike and run) and in all kinds of terrain and bodies of water.  Our focus is on FUN and COMPETITION.


Location – Orlando, FL

Contact – Morgan Henson, cell-407-492-2896,

Website –

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2016 Top 100 Triathletes and Top 50 Duathletes in the Florida Region


Are you among the 2016 Top 100 Triathletes and Top 50 Duathletes in the Florida Region? If so, find your name below and claim your ‘Bragging Rights‘ T-Shirt at the USAT Florida Region Tent in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon Expo this weekend.  If you can not pick it up, please sent a friend with a copy of your ID and USAT Card.

Age Group

Top 50 Male Triathletes

Top 50 Female Triathletes

0 – 15

Colin Wilson, Josue Reyes and Nicolas Jara De La Raza Megan Buchanan, Andrea Ballestero and Jessica Blazek

16 – 17

Luis Ortiz, Cavan Wilson and Augusto Cohn Reagan Quilty, Florencia Nattero and Stephanie Hernandez

18 – 19

Nicholas Leblanc, Graham Pimentel and Daniel Ambrose Alma Campiani, Mega McFadden and Jenny Coleman

20 – 24

Jose Amaya, William Hartje and Francisco Centeno Savannah Dearden, Christie Rutledge and Karen Monuszko

25 – 29

Kyle Hooker, Thomas Barton and Trevor Tilly Anne Gallegos, Audrey Maheu and Melissa Riod De La Luz

30 – 34

Steve Jackson, Josh Eaton and Robert Craig Tami Ritchie, Rebecca  Ledesma and Kristell Acosta

35 – 39

Roy Liu, Timothy Reimink and Owen Shott Katie Corbin, maria Morales and Kimberly Grogan

40 – 44

Jon Noland, Vladimir Casanova and Anton Van Zyl Kristin Schwieger, Evelyn Salama and Rachel Chambers

45 – 49

John Reback, Tom Russell and Todd Trudeau Rachel Lee, Kelly Collins and Angie Milford

50 – 54

Bill Picciano, Andrea Ugazio and Joel Kinnunen Linda Robb, Kerry Simmons and Linda Bayne

55 – 59

Jeff Cuddeback, Brian Smith and Frank Green Teresa Tinsley, Kim Miller and Sara Libre

60 – 64

Steve Gallagher, David Morrow and Ken Junkins Carol Hassell, Linda Musante and Susan Briers

65 – 69

Kevin Simmons, Andrew Loeb and Jim Sumara Gail Lohman, Judith Shepard and Sandy Meneley

70 – 74

John Strait, Harry Barnes and Mike Mabry Nancy Downs, Lois Leon and Heysoon Lee

75 – 79

Fred Wood, Paul Reback and John Brennen Lis heckmann, Phyllis Frydman and Willy Moolenaar

80 – 84

John Mayer


Winston Allen Jackie Yost

Age Group

Top 25 Male Duathletes

Top 25 Female Duathletes

0 – 15

16 – 17

Bradyn Ricca

18 – 19

Nathan Paladino

20 – 24

Austin Robinson, Sean Saleem and Quinton Valiente

25 – 29

Manny Duran and Mac Viala Isabella Rojas, Margaret Altes and Jennifer Teemal

30 – 34

Luis Lora, Grabiel Saavedra and Rogelio Loero Allie Norman, Marcela Chirinos and Katie Hammond

35 – 39

Maikel Cusimano, Eduardo Souza and Quincy Collins Kristen Klein, Karen Hernandez and Meghan Shipman

40 – 44

Jon Noland, Bernardo Perez and Scott Galley Celia Dubey and Sally Libonati

45 – 49

Jesus David Rodriguez and Lucas Theophilus Deborah Brzycki and Karla Antonio

50 – 54

Joel Kinnunen and Tony Prado Meal Muldoon and Patti Connors

55 – 59

Greg Pelican Florence Swaim

60 – 64

David Morrow Diane Travis

65 – 69

Christian Porier Sandy Meneley

70 – 74

John Strait Heysoon Lee

75 – 79

Frank Nicolosi

80 – 84


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me below.


Hector L Torres

USAT Elite Coach, USAC Lv 2, USAS and USATF & MS 

USA Triathlon Florida Region Chair
Florida Paratriathlon Development Coordinator
617 Virginia Dr.
Orlando, FL 32801
P: 321-443-0073
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St. Anthony’s Triathlon – Florida Regional Championship Weekend

Packet Pickup, Registration & Expo
Straub Park – Downtown St. Petersburg
Athlete Check in and Late Registration
Friday April 28th: 12:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday April 29th: 12:00pm- 5:00pm
There will be no packet pick up or registration on race morning.
The Sports & Fitness Expo:
Friday 4/28 12:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday 4/29 10:00am-6:00pm
Free Clinics:
We have many new and exciting clinics scheduled for Event Weekend. Click here to see the detailed Event Schedule listing all the clinics and locations.
  • Everyone is required to show photo ID and proof of current USAT membership or you will be required to purchase a one day license (Cash or check only for USAT license fees)
  • Timing chips will be picked up at Packet Pick Up.
  • No division changes will be not be accepted unless an error has been made in gender or age.  Please note all participants ages are based on their age as of 12/31/2017.
  • All participants must check their bikes into the transition area on Saturday from 12:00pm-6:00pm. 
  • Transition will be opened at 4:45 am on Race morning for last minute preparations. You must be have your Race Number Tattoos applied, or Body Marked before entering Transition. Everyone must be out of transition (Olympic & Sprint Distance Athletes) by 6:45am.
  • Wetsuits: 68 degrees is the cut off for professionals. 78 degrees is the cut off for all other participants.
  • If you do choose to wear a wetsuit and the water temperature is above 78 degrees you will not be eligible for for age group awards, and you will be required to start in the final wave designated as the Wetsuit Wave or you will be disqualified.
  • Final water temperature readings will be made early race morning and will be announced over the PA.
  • Please arrive at the Swim Start 30 minutes prior to your estimated start time. You must start in your assigned swim wave, or you will be disqualified.
  • Helmets: All helmets are required to be CPSC approved and the original sticker must be present.  If your helmet is not CPSC approved, you will be disqualified.
  • If someone other than you races with you bib number, you and the “bandit” will be banned from all future St. Anthony’s Triathlon events.
  • Parking information can be found here
  • Sprint Athletes will have the same swim start procedures and location as the Olympic Distance.
  • The Swim Exit will be in a different location, please reference the swim course maps on line by clicking here
  • Sprint Swim cut off is 9:25 am.


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34th Annual St. Anthony’s Triathlon – Florida Regional Championship


In just two days, our Regional Championship is going to be held on the weekend of April 28 – 30, 2017 in St. Petersburg, FL in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon Olympic distance. Athletes from almost every state in the nation and many foreign countries will be on hand to compete in St. Anthony’s Triathlon, described by many as one of the year’s best multi-sport events in the United States.

The weekend will open at noon on Friday with athlete check-in at St. Petersburg’s beautiful Straub Park. Several members of USA Triathlon’s Florida Region will be on hand all weekend to assist athletes with the check-in process, provide information about the races and answer questions about fun things to do in St. Petersburg.

Also in Straub Park, the Sports & Fitness Expo will open from noon on Friday until 6 P.M. In addition, to several seminars on running and bicycling, if you’ve forgotten a piece of necessary gear or just want something new, there will be plenty of vendors on-site to provide you with that must-have piece of equipment. In addition, the Florida Regional Officials Coordinator will offer a three-hour official’s clinic for those that want to become certified USA Triathlon officials. To register for the officials clinic, contact

Saturday’s Meek & Mighty Triathlon will begin in the 50-meter pool at the North Shore Aquatic Complex. Featuring a time-trial pool swim, there will be two races offered, one for ages 7 – 10 and another for ages 11 and over. Following a bike race along St. Petersburg’s scenic open waterfront, a new run course this year will add to the excitement

Sunday features the weekend’s main event, the 34th annual St. Anthony’s Triathlon. The race will serve as the Florida Region’s 2017 Regional Championship. As always, some of the best male and female elite athletes in the world will be competing for significant prize money.

USA Triathlon’s Florida Region is excited and proud to be an integral part of this longstanding event. See you there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Hector L Torres
USA Triathlon Florida Region Chair
Paratriathlon Florida Region Representative
Ph. 341-443-0073

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no_brakes_fixiedAccording to rule number 5.11j under Bicycle Specifications in the USA Triathlon Competitive Rule Book, “There must be one working brake on each of the two wheels.” When USAT officials walk through the transition area prior to the beginning of the race, this is one of the things that they will be checking on each bike. If an official finds a bike with only one brake, that athlete will be advised that their bicycle is illegal for use in the event. They will be disqualified; the race director will remove the bike from transition and the athlete will not be allowed to go out on the course. Remember, it’s up to the athlete to know the rules.


For further information on this rule or any other rule, please go to the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules on the USAT website

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USA Triathlon Florida High School Regional Championship

Press Release: USA Triathlon high school

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Looking for High School Students who are adventurous enough to try a new sport!

Now is the time to “try a TRI!”

USA Triathlon Florida Region is hosting the High School Regional Championship Triathlon Race on Sunday, June 18, 2017. The race is a sprint distance triathlon: .25 mile swim – 14 mile bike – 3.1 mile run. With proper training and coaching, this is a realistic goal for most active high school age individuals.


2017 High School Regional Championships

The 2017 USA Triathlon High School Regional Championships will be hosted in conjunction with the Florida 2017 Regional Youth Championship at the Heartland Triathlon the weekend of June 17 & 18, 2017 in Sebring, Florida.

Race Date: Sunday, June 18, 2017

Distance: Non-draft Sprint Triathlon: .25 mile swim-14 mile bike- 3.1 mile run

Racing Age: Age as of 12/31/2017

Registration Fee: $90


  • USA Triathlon Annual Membership
  • Proof of High School program enrollment
    • Options for Proof of Attendance :
      • School ID, report card, other form of identification verified by high school.
      • Important Registration Information
  • There is no transfer or deferment of entries from one year to the next
  • There are no refunds
  • Athletes MUST be annual USA Triathlon members to race 

To be eligible for awards you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be a U.S. national – someone who has resided in the U.S. for three years.
  • Athletes must reside in the Florida Region for awards

Individual Awards

  • Top 3 Male Overall and Top 3 Female Overall- High School

More Information

For more information on high school triathlon in the Florida, please contact Deb Peters, USA Triathlon Florida Region Youth Coordinator at or call 813-731-8767


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