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July 4, 2014

ITU & IPC announce three paratriathlon medal events for Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games

To all National Federations, athletes and coaches:
The International Triathlon Union (ITU), in conjunction with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), today announced three of the six medal events that will be contested in paratriathlon’s debut at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games.

The men’s PT1 and PT4 sport classes have now been confirmed as two of the men’s three medal events, while the women’s PT4 has gained a berth in Rio.

To allow for further analysis of the remaining sport classes, the IPC and ITU will continue working closely together during the summer to identify the remaining medal events.

With the six medal events to be evenly split amongst genders, one additional medal event will be assigned for the men, while two medal events will be announced for the women.

The IPC will make its final decision on these medal events following its board meeting in October.

For further inquires, please contact Eric Angstadt.

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USA Paratriathlon National Championship Qualification Information

Don’t forget to sign up for the National Championship or PC Open race in Tempe on September 21st. To view the National Championship qualification criteria, click here:

Registration for the National Championship wave will close on August 21st.

National Classification will be offered for the National Championship division for those who have not gone through the new ITU classification system yet.

Be aware that any athlete who wishes to compete in the PC Open wave at the Lifetime Tempe Triathlon does NOT need to qualify or be classified in order to race.
Registration is now open at:

ITU Start Lists for Upcoming Elite Paratriathlons
To view the Iseo-Franciacorta WPE start list, click here:
To view the Magog WPE start list, click here:

Additional ITU Paratriathlon WPE added
ITU has added an additional event to the 2015 ITU WPE calendar. It is going to be in Madrid, Spain on September 21st. The ITU start lists will be produced on August 19th, so the deadline for athletes to request entry into this event is August 13th. ITU Classification will be offered at this event.

USA Paratriathlon National Team Program
USAT Staff and the AAC have come to an agreement on the USA Paratriathlon National Team Program Criteria. Please note that while consensus has been reached with the AAC, this document is subject to final approval by the USA Triathlon Board of Directors. We are also waiting on approval from the USOC for 1 piece of the criteria as well, so once the final criteria document is approved, this will be communicated across the Paratriathlon community. We hope for this final approval within the next week to 10

USA Paratriathlon Military Program
USA Triathlon has finalized the 2014 military program camps, clinics, and events for the 2014 season. To view all that is going on click here:

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Amanda Duke Boulet
Paratriathlon Program Manager
p. 719.955.2674 | f. 719.597.2121
5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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One thing I was encouraged to do by the “old timers” when I first joined our local triathlon club a couple of years back was to, first, race as often as you can. If you can’t race, volunteer, and if you can’t volunteer, show up to cheer.  Those instructions have stuck with me ever since.


We obviously can not race every race available to us. We have our A, B and C races we are training for. We must not let the temptation to do a particular race overtake our need to stick to our training program. However, we can always take a few hours of our time and help out.

For race directors, especially the ones that put on the small local grass roots races, volunteers mean an awful lot. For the  volunteer it is a rewarding way of giving back and, better yet, it can be a learning experience, too.
One will learn the challenges race directors face. By seeing a race from a different perspective we can understand why things are done a certain way. As athletes we have the opportunity to observe. Pay attention to what the triathletes do under race conditions. This can actually be very funny. For example, to see the person that brings everything, but the kitchen sink to transition. Or to see the person that takes off on the run with their bike helmet still on (I have done that! LOL).

It is a fun way to learn what NOT to do in a race.

Pay attention to the more experienced triathletes. What is it they do in transition, on the run, coming out of the water, at
the bike aid stations etc. that makes them faster. If you are volunteering at a big race where there are pros look at what they do.  What do they do to be more efficient? How do they set up transition? How do they grab the water bottle at the aid stations  on the bike course? How is their run form and foot cadence? Look for the details and look for the small things that separate the average triathlete to the very good one. It takes more than being fit and naturally fast to do well in competition.
Yes, volunteering can be a very important component in your quest to becoming a more complete triathlete. Remember, too,
to cheer the athletes on. You know how good it feels especially when you are struggling.

If some reason you sign up to volunteer and can not make it. Please find a replacement to fill in for you. It is the right thing to
do. Also, remember the people putting on a race will never turn down a walk-on volunteer. If you haven’t signed up
and you show up just say I am here and how can I help.

Volunteering is a very fun way to learn. And you know how much volunteers mean to you when you are out there sweating
on the course, so take the opportunity to pay it forward. It will do you good in more ways then one.


Carl Knutsson
USAT Florida Board Member

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June 20 – 22, 2014 – 2014 Triathlon Education Clinic – 10 USAT CEU

Longleaf Champ-43

Just 19 days away from the USA Triathlon Florida Region – 2014 Triathlon Education Clinic

This is our 3-day training camp in Orlando, FL. USA Triathlon Florida training camps are an ideal, fun option for triathletes and coaches to take their training to the next level. Geared for coaches and athletes training  for Sprint to Ironman Distance.

All camps include a technical component (workshop or lecture) covering sport specific topics. Come prepared to put in a great deal of hard work in an ideal training location. All USAT Coaches will receive 10 USAT CEU’s. Please review the schedule and bring appropriate clothing and training equipment.


Hector L Torres, Eric Kahl, Heather Butcher, Lacey Chimienti, Christopher Myers, Brandt Quick, Ben Elder, Jackie Miller, Emily Jetton

All presenters are experts in the field and USA Triathlon Elite and Professional Coaches.

Register at:


  • Non USAT Members: $350.00
  • USAT Members: $199
  • USAT Triathlon Coaches $225
  • College Student $100 – Must show ID


9:00 am - Registration

9:15 am - Introduction

9:30 am - Lactate Testing

  • Lecture and Testing

11:00 am – A Balanced Approach To Coaching Triathletes

12n - Lunch

1:00 pm - Increasing and Sustaining Women Participation

2:45 pm - Cycling Power and Fitting

- Actual Fitting

4:30 pm – Mental Training

5:45 pm - Conclusion


7:30 am – Bike Ride / Run

- Clermont, FL

12:00 pm - Lunch (On your own)

1:00 pm - High Intensity Interval Training

2:45 pm - Efficient & Fast Transitions

4:30 pm – Swim / Video Analysis

- Pool workout and recording

6:00 pm – Conclusion


7:00 am - Clay Road – Run

  • 4.5 – 9 mi loop

11:00 am - Swim Video Analysis

12n – Lunch

1:00 pm - Strength Conditioning

2:30 pm – Round Table

  • Training Strategies
  • Best Practices

4:00 pm – Conclusion

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact, Hector L Torres 321-443-0073 or via email at:

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2014 USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Regional Championship


RegionalChampLogo_Floridat_paratriCongratulations to all of the Paratriathletes who participated in the USA Triathlon Florida Region Paratriathlon Regional Championship in St. Anthony’s Sprint Distance held in St. Petersburg, FL this past weekend.

# Place Name Time
1 Jeff Nolan 1:18:19
2 Rajesh Durbal 1:24:50
3 Sean VanGerena 1:42:44

Wheel Chair
# Place Name Time
1 Jacob Sharff 1:26:22
2 Joseph Beimfohr 1:34:49

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2014 Summer Triathlon / Education Clinic – 10 USAT CEU

June 20-22, 2014

This is our 3-day training camp in Orlando, FL. USA Triathlon Florida training camps are an ideal, fun option for triathletes and coaches to take their training to the next level. Geared for coaches and athletes training  for an Ironman to Sprint Distance.. All camps include a technical component (workshop or lecture) covering sport specific topics. Come prepared to put in a great deal of hard work in an ideal training location. All USAT Coaches will receive 10 USAT CEU’s.

Register at:

Friday June 20Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 8.24.34 PM

5:30 am  Swim / 20 min run - Video Swim Stroke

Description:  Triathlon Swimming take the athletes during swim session and video analyze their stroke – All of the testing are specifically designed to elicit improvement. Learn how to give the athlete/or yourself significant improvement. Stop coaching/training without real, quantifiable feedback and learn how to have training and fitness benchmarked.

8:30 am  Breakfast – On your own

10:00 am  Bike Fittings

Description: Essentials of a Tri – Bike fit:  There are just a few reasons why you should get bike fitted. A tri bike fit is essential when you put aero bars on your bike, whether you have a standard-geometry road bike or a steep-angled triathlon specific bike frame. Body position is, by far, the most important consideration when it comes to reducing aerodynamic drag, so you want to ensure you are fit correctly to maximize the benefits of an aero position. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain power output and comfort. As triathletes, we also have the need to run strong off the bike and it has been proven time and again that proper positioning, utilizing a tri bike fit, will facilitate this.

11:00 am Swim Stroke Analysis

12n – 1 pm Lunch – On your own

1:00 pm Nutrition Lecture

Description: Have you had a bad race? Have you bonked before? Don’t know what to eat during training and race day?  The following session will consist of the requirements the body needs to fulfill its needs during training and race day.

2 pm  Cycling Skills & Power Meter – Lecture

Description: Training with power means that you are utilizing the latest tool in the cycling industry today in order to maximize your athletic potential. Train efficiently so that your best fitness peaks at your goal events. Every top cycling performance has been aided by the use of power meter training technology Tour de France winners, Hour records, Track records, HPV records.

4 pm  Yoga / Mental Training 

Description: Yoga for Triathletes is a valuable course in which encompasses the variety of yoga postures and exercises that focus on strengthening and stretching to help improve your fitness in triathlon sports. With minimal or no equipment needed, this session is suitable for all levels and is relevant to all sports. You will need to bring a mat and a towel.

5:30 pm  Dinner (Group dinner)

Saturday June 21

8:00 am  Lake Louis State Park - Hill Repeats (Power Meter Testing)

12n  Lunch – On your own

1 pm Transition Set up

Description:  The clinic will help coaches/athletes to know what to bring (and what NOT to bring into the transition area) of a triathlon. Athletes will practice a short mock triathlon with an emphasis on efficient transitions between the sports of swimming, cycling and running.

2 pm  Running Video (Taping)

4 pm Running Analysis

Description:  Running Biomechanics and Efficiency for Triathletes provides an overview of issues that frequently arise in the context of the sport, with an emphasis placed on how athletes and coaches should respond to specific situations based on the athlete and its circumstances. This course will provide coaches and athletes with a basic understanding of how running biomechanics applies to the Triathlon sport Emphasis is placed on providing drills and training that reduce the risk of athletes overcoming any injury.

5:30 pm Dinner

Sunday June 22

7:00 am Clay Road – 9 mi Loop

10 am   Breakfast Coffee Review

12 n   Strength training for triathletes

Description: Get faster, stronger and create speed with the proper strength-training program.  The following session will breakdown the essential on creating a strength-training program that will help you increase speed, agility and strengthening in all of the three sports. (Bring your workout clothes because you are going to break a sweat.)

1pm   Discussion Review

2 pm Conclusion

Clinic Cost:

  • $225.00 – Certified Coach (10 CEU’s)
  • $199.00 – USAT Member
  • $350.00 – General Public
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St. Anthony’s Weekend (6 days left) – USAT Florida Regional and Paratriathlon Championship


Just six more days before the USA Triathlon Florida Regional Championship and Paratriathlon Championship is going to be held at St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL. Very excited for all of the Top 33% on each age group the will qualify to participate at the National Championship in Milwaukee, WI. This weekend will be full of events, please visit our calendar of events at . We will be also raffling TYR Transition bags at our Membership meeting. Make sure you pass by our tent and meet our council members. #USATAGNC14. (

Schedule of USA Triathlon Florida Region Events

  • 9am -12pm: Officials Clinic-By: Thomas Reilly at the Hampton Inn, 80 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 1:00 pm -Club Clinic-By: Shaelyn Haag at the Hampton Inn, 80 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2:00 pm – USAT Florida Region in person meeting at the Hampton Inn, 80 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 3:00 pm – Women’s Specific Tri Clinic:  “Tips for a Fast and Fabulous Race Day”, Hosted by Jennifer Hutchison, USA Triathlon Level 3 Coaches
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Paratriathlon Regional Championship and Florida Regional Championship-St.Anthony’s Triathlon


Hello Athletes
Our Regional Championship and our Paratriathlon Regional Championship are fast approacing!Just a week away and we will be in St. Petersburg Florida at this years St. Anthony’s triathlon. There will be a lot going on that weekend available to all USAT members. New officials will be in training, Club summit meeting, Women’s specific Tri clinic and much more. For more information visit the link below. It’s not too late to sign up for the race!

Schedule of Events

  • 9am -12pm: Officials Clinic-By: Thomas Reilly at the Hampton Inn, 80 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 1:00 pm -Club Clinic-By: Shaelyn Haag at the Hampton Inn, 80 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2:00 pm – USAT Florida Region in person meeting at the Hampton Inn, 80 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 3:00 pm – Women’s Specific Tri Clinic:  “Tips for a Fast and Fabulous Race Day”, Hosted by Jennifer Hutchison, USA Triathlon Level 3 Coaches



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Talent ID Winner March 22, 2014

Congratulations to Talent ID #1 winners Nic LeBlanc and Ciara Hopkins 16-19 and Luis Ortiz and Emma Stock 13-15.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page and like to receive the latest news happening Youth/Youth Elite, Junior/ Junior Elite, U23/ Collegiate athletes from the Florida Region.

Talent ID #1 Winners 3.14

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Transition, the fourth discipline……

The transition part of the triathlon experience is mostly overlooked by the athlete even thoughyou do that part three times compared to only once for the swim, bike and run. This aspect of the race should be practiced and visualized as well for a successful race.

In transition the key word is simplify. Have with you only what you need. How many times have I not seen people bring everything but the kitchen sink. Also, be organized. This takes time and practice. Get to transition early. It avoids a lot of stress, especially if you arrive and find that you have a flat. It happens. Pump your tires, put your nutrition/water on the bike. Take up as little space next to your bike as possible for your gear. It is simple courtesy and you avoid people running over half your stuff. If you wear socks put them in your shoes and have them rolled open. If you use powder for your feet put it in your socks. Put your helmet on your bike shoes with your glasses in the helmet. For the run put your visor or hat on top of your run shoes, if you wear headware, along with your run belt that has your race # attached to it. For the swim put your goggles in your swim cap. Keep it simple and together.


In your transition bag have a can of ant spray, especially in Florida, and spray underneath your bike and transition towel on which you are putting your shoes etc. You do not want those fire ants on your feet or equipment.  Pack some Tush Wipes, too. You might laugh now, but you won’t when you are using a porta potty that has run out of toilet paper. Another reason to get to transition early…..avoid those pesky lines for the facilities.

I prefer to wear a triathlon race uniform. They are very comfortable, dry quickly and saves you the time and nuisance of changing clothing between segments. With that in mind never race with shoes, clothing, equipment etc. that you have not already trained in or with. That avoids those blisters, chafing, overheating etc. that can certainly put a damper on your race experience.

While in transition before the race make sure you know where your bike is. Look for landmarks or count the bike racks. Site where the different exists and entrances are. Do a walk through. Know where you need to go before you need to be there.

Finally, after the swim when you get to the bike put your helmet on first and strap it provided you have taken your swim cap and goggles off. Don’t laugh. A swim cap underneath a helmet is a sure fire way to sweat like crazy on the bike and goggles make for uncomfortable eyeware. Practice putting on the helmet on first and strap it right away. Make it a habit. One last thing, don’t forget to take your helmet off before you start your run. I know from personal experience how embarrassing it is to have spectators yelling at you to take your helmet off while you are running. I wish I was such a fast runner that I needed a  helmet!

Keep in mind to keep it simple, be prepared, be organized, be early and, above all, have fun!

Carl Knutsson

USAT Florida Region Council Member

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